DeltaMole Product Launch Video Case Study



National agricultural retailer Mole Valley Farmers wanted to create a series of videos to launch their own brand product, Deltamole. Mole Valley wanted to use real customers in the video to advocate, narrate and demonstrate the product being applied especially for the how to video because they wanted to show the product in it’s true light.


After extensive research, concept reviews and storyboarding we created 3 videos, a demonstration video and two web adverts. All three where filmed on location, filming was tricky because we halve to get the shots live whist milking the cows. The Mole Valley Farmers’ customer was fantastic and relaxed into the filming despite being watched by his team.


The video production aided the successful launch of Deltmole.

Customer Services can direct customers to the how to video for instruction on use.

Due to the success of the video Mole Valley have since been back for more.

Services Provided

  • StoryBoarding
  • Script Writing
  • Filming On Location
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production for YouTube Videos
  • Embedding on Website

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